Don’t Like Your Job? Take a Look at How Others Earn a Living

December 26, 2016

Many of us are used to complaining about the endless stress our jobs cause us, going so far as to declare it “torture” and longing every day for the next weekend. Of course, people who work in offices and shops certainly get tired out by their work, but, as is often the case, everything is relative.

We at LikeAble put together a collection of images showing the most dangerous or unpleasant jobs that people do all around the world. The chances are your work will seem like heaven on earth in comparison!

Unskilled workers in Central Asia

© Masashi Mitsui

Long-distance sailors

© DragonPhister

Working in the mountains

© IC


© Colin

Sailors on an aircraft carrier during a storm

© LCDR Everitt

Cleaning drains in India

© Sagar Kaul

A digger at work

© Jonjonnotaleprechaun

Extracting oil

© sumkino

Long-distance truck driving


Washing the windows of a skyscraper

© Steve Fernie


© Dark

A huge earthmover needs some repairs


And a new tire…


This is how salt is packaged in India


Looking for diamonds in Africa


Life on a ship in winter


Menial work in Haiti


Coal mining in Pakistan


Preview photo credit Masashi Mitsui