They don’t need words to communicate…

Animals can sense when a person is trustworthy. Children build tender and strong relationships with their four-legged friends on a foundation of spontaneity, inner kindness and courage. This kind of friendship is special because of a one-of-a-kind mutual understanding that exists between them, and which is just so inspiring.

Encouraged by this feeling, we here at LikeAble collected some of the most fascinating and heartwarming photos which we think captures this amazing spirit.

© Robin Schwartz

This little girl’s friends are ten times larger than she is, but their hearts are just as tender as hers.


What else is there to do outside on a warm sunny day?


Twinkle, twinkle, little star… Shh!


His paws always stay warm.

© Elena Karneeva

А promising encounter.

© Elena Shumilova

It’s always more fun to work together! Even if no one is rushing to help you.

© Elena Shumilova

They’ve never been parted since they first found each other.


A problem shared is a problem halved.


Sometimes sharing a bed means sharing dreams.

(c) Synde Clark

Toddlers should stick together!

© Alain Degre

Even wildlife can be soft and fluffy sometimes.

© Elena Shumilova

Knock-knock! Who’s here?

We are of one blood, you and I.

© Elena Shumilova

If you really care for your friend, always make sure that he’s warm enough!

© Michaela Valcha

You never know who will be your friend. How about this little creature?

Preview photo credit: Елена Карнеева