Eight brilliant tips on how to start getting in shape for beginners

Every once in a while, we all find ourselves staring in a mirror thinking that it’s probably time to hit the gym. We’ve got to find the time to work on those abs, get a bicep or two, or shape the hell out of our inner thighs. Starting next Monday, for sure!

We here at LikeAble are more than happy to share some tips with you on how to begin the magical process of getting in shape. Just remember: increasing the loads both gradually and progressively is the key.


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Walking is an easy and effective way to get back in shape. Start small: take a daily walk around your neighborhood, gradually increasing the distance each day. Soon, you’ll notice yourself covering long distances without breaking a sweat.

Play sports

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There’s nothing worse than monotony. No matter how interesting an activity seems at the beginning, you’ll quit the minute you start feeling bored. So engage in something you may really enjoy: join the local tennis club, or have a race with a friend. As long as it gets your blood pumping!

Consider your physical capabilities

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Strength training is important, but it’s also not for everyone. Some people can (understandably) get lost among all the machinery. Instead, try bodyweight exercises. They are just as effective and do not require special equipment.

Go to spin classes

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Spinning is perfect cardio. You control your bike’s resistance, and you are free to take a break whenever you feel too tired.

Try yoga

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The flexibility of the body is often overlooked when we’re getting in shape. Yoga is a great way to make your muscles nice and flexible. Start with the easiest poses, gradually moving on to more complex ones.


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Swimming is a great and fun way to workout. It increases your heart rate heart without putting strain on your joints. Swimming is especially suitable for those who suffer from frequent back pains.

Watch workout videos

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Watching workout videos is a powerful motivator. You can find a wide selection of video workouts on YouTube — targeting either your full body or just specific parts you’d like to focus on. Try streaming one and following the trainer’s instructions.

Use fitness apps

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Modern technologies, especially mobile apps, give us an excellent opportunity to develop our own individual training program. Save money on trainers, keep track of your results, and share your progress with just a few clicks.

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