Every man should have his own cave…

Angelo Mastropetro, a 37-year-old successful head of a recruiting company, was diagnosed a multiple sclerosis. This had a major impact on his life, and he decided that it was time to make his dream come true. He resigned from his stressful job, bought some tools, and set to work developing the cave-home of his dream in Worcestershire, UK. Having spent thousands of hours working on it and a good deal of money, now he’s enjoying the silence, the tranquillity, and also the under floor heating and even Wi-Fi.

LikeAble offers you the chance to take a look at this unusual project developed by this English designer. Maybe some of you will find it’s just what you’ve always wanted for yourself?

The cave


Angelo found the cave while cycling with his friends. They were looking for a place to shelter from the rain. Some time later, he bought the piece of land it sat on and, having rolled up his sleeves, got stuck in to house building.

The cave before it was ’renovated’


Experts said that the cave is 250 million years old. The last time the cave would have been used as a dwelling was about 300 years ago.

The building work


Angelo admitted that, by a surprising coincidence, his name means ’the lord of stones’, so it was a kind of his destiny to do this. To turn his dream into reality, the designer had to deal with about 70 tons of stone.

The future bathroom


Initially, Angelo had been planning to make a bathroom, but he had to change his idea for it. He realised that it’d be hard to constantly heat the amount of water he needed for it. Now the modern-day ’’caveman’’ has only a shower.

The living room


All the walls are painted in white, and only certain details of the interior indicate a ’’cave style’’.

The dining room


The owner of the renovated cave wanted a lot of sunlight to reach into his new house, so there are a lot of transparent doors and large windows.

The shower


Here comes the shower! It looks like a waterfall in the tropics.



To get closer to the life of our ancestors, Angelo used only natural materials, like, a wooden sink. He left the natural stone texture of the cave untouched.

The kitchen


There’s everything he needs for cooking meals in comfort: hot water, a stove, ventilation.

The bedroom


The house is situated in a very peaceful area. It’s a kilometer away from the nearest supermarket, but inside the cave it’s as if you’re thousands kilometers away as well as thousands of years in the past.

The owner


In an interview, Angelo Mastropetro said that he had always dreamed about finding a place where he could live a calm, healthy and happy life. And he seems to have succeeded!

Source: dailymail