Exhausted Marine Is Stunned When His Entire Family Shows Up To Bring Him Home

February 2, 2017

On top of all the peril and stress that military members face while they are deployed, they also need to endure being away from their families for extended periods of time. Soldiers can go months without seeing their families — even those with young children. Though technology like video chat has made staying connected a bit easier in recent years, the physical separation is still difficult on both the soldiers and their families. Military homecomings, then, are incredibly special and emotional times.

When Lance Corporal Crespo returned home to his family after a 242-day deployment, his fiancée Francis Martinez captured the special moment in this emotional video. Set to Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph,” the video captures this Marine seeing his wife for the first time in eight months, along with his mother and the rest of his family.

Francis ends the video with a quote from Corinthians, “Love endures all things” and adds “…like 242 days apart” to complete the thought.

Military homecomings are always so emotional. This soldier surprised his pregnant wife with his return from deployment, and there were tears all around. When this soldier surprised his daughter at her school with his return, his wife surprised him right back with a homecoming ceremony at the school. This one below is just as great.

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