Experts have discovered that mosquitoes love 4 kinds of people

We all know someone (perhaps ourselves) who seems to be a favorite target for mosquitoes. For some mysterious reason, they attract these little critters like no one else.

It turns out that there’s a reason why they bite some people more than others. Health experts believe that mosquitoes are attracted to certain kinds of people. Here are the 4 factors that determine whether you may be one of them.

1. Pregnancy

Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that people produce when they breathe. Pregnant women produce more carbon dioxide, which means that mosquitoes can pay special attention to them. It’s worth remembering this considering the extent to which the Zika virus currently presents a real threat to babies.

2. Exercise

You shouldn’t be surprised to find that mosquitoes will attack with particular aggression after you’ve finished a jog or some other kind of workout. They’re attracted to lactic acid, which is produced in large quantities in your muscles when the latter are subjected to physical strain.

3. Drinking alcohol

Experts have found that heat-producing drinks make us more attractive to mosquitoes. In particular, alcohol raises our body temperature and mosquitoes zero in on our warm bodies.

4. Type O blood

Research indicates that the likelihood of a mosquito biting someone with type O blood is 83%. People with type A blood are least likely to be bitten by mosquitoes.

So if you find yourself in one of these risk groups, it might be time to stock up on mosquito repellent!