Family Notices A Struggling Whale While On A Day Trip, Then They Jump In To See What’s Wrong

February 6, 2017

Juan Menares was celebrating the new year with his family on the water off the coast of Antofagasta, Chile, when he came across a humpback whale.

As lovely as a chance whale encounter may sound, this particular whale was not showing off and breaching, but rather struggling in the water.

Instead of calling someone else or leaving what’s wrong with the whale to guesswork, Menares and his sons jumped right into the water to investigate. Turns out the whale was badly tangled in an industrial fishing net.

“We positioned ourselves next to the whale and my two children dived back into the water and we were successful in being able to cut the mesh [fishing net] and able to pull the mesh up,” he says in the video below.

After cutting the net off the whale completely, it thrashes free and swims away into the blue where it belongs. The whale suffered some minor wounds on its fins from the friction of the rope.

The Menares children can be seen victoriously holding up the rope that caught the whale after they rescue it.

“That feeling after doing something good, for me and my family, it fills me with joy, fills me with pride and to be able to do something that I had really never done before,” Menares says.

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