This farm is searching for volunteers to cuddle a different kind of kid…

When you share your love, it doesn’t diminish. Thinking along these lines, Gail Hobbs and her husband decided to share their warmth and happiness not only with the people around them, but also with the adorable baby goats at their farm.

We at LikeAble would like to tell you their simple, but truly heart-warming story.


Caromont Farm is home to more than 120 goats that produce milk, from which these farmers make magnificent cheese. Recently their website was updated with an announcement that called for volunteers — volunteers whose job would be to cuddle the baby goats!


The need for volunteers came up when the Hobbs family found out that about 90 kids would be born in February.


The cuddling experts will also be responsible for feeding the little goats from a bottle four times a day and playing with them. The farmers say that the volunteers will need to dress the kids in sweaters as well so they don’t catch a cold in the winter.


What can we say, we really admire their commitment to caring for these little guys!

Source: Mashable
Preview photo credit: omnifeed