Father Of 3 Daughters Cuts Cake For Gender Reveal, Collapses On The Floor When He Looks Inside

February 7, 2017

The craziest reactions can come from finding out the gender of your baby — but no matter what the end result might be, it’s all good news.

Even if the parent is secretly hoping for one gender or the other, at the end of the day, all that matters is that the baby is happy and healthy.

Sometimes, however, you do get those absolutely over-the-top reactions, like this grandpa who found out his future grandson would be named after him. But hey, that’s definitely something worth freaking out about!

In this episode of the Steve Harvey Show uploaded on March 30, 2016, we meet a dad who was blessed with three daughters in his life — and with a fourth child on the way. Before showing the clip, Steve lets the audience know that he feels this outnumbered man’s pain, having two daughters of his own.

He then proceeds to show this couple in their home, cutting the cake at their gender reveal party with friends and family. They both hold the knife and cut deep into the cake, jiggling out the piece that will tell them the answer they’ve been waiting for.

But this dad isn’t prepared for what he is about to see.

When the piece of sweet heaven is blue color, he absolutely loses it. Dad collapses on the ground from shock, then gets right back up and starts jumping around out of excitement, needing to chug some water in between — what a champ!

Although he never mentioned wanting one gender or the other, you can tell from his reaction that he is most likely hoping for another male in the family!

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