Fishermen Find Whale Struggling In Water, Then Realize She’s Trapped In Nets

February 5, 2017

Have you ever been told to cut the plastic six-pack ring that comes around your cans of soda?

If those rings get in the water, they can hurt turtles, fish, and other sea animals — but did you know there are more dangers lurking in the depths?

According to National Geographic, nets can kill up to 1,000 marine mammals daily. These animals are usually not the intended target of the nets!

Big or small, nets pose a huge danger. Even a humpback whale can get caught up and tangled them.

On an episode of the TV show Ocean Warriors, a rescue crew encountered a female whale that was stuck in an illegal gill net. She must have been caught for a while: as the crew assessed the situation, they realized she was giving up the fight.

Before things could take a very dark turn south, they worked quickly to free her. Thank goodness they found her when they did, because they were able to help get her loose!

If you’re happy that this whale was able to be rescued, then you will also enjoy this video of a baby coming to the rescue for his mama when she got stuck on a sand barge.

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