Four little but vitally important things all happy couples do

All happy couples have common behaviors that help keep their relationships strong over the years. Have you ever noticed this? Sometimes, it even seems like they might know a magical love spell. It fact, there is no magic — they just follow a few simple rules.

LikeAble learned what harmonious couples recommend doing to have a reliable and long-lasting relationship. If you want a happy relationship, follow their advice — it actually works!

1. Always give a kiss goodbye

This might seem overly simple, but kissing your beloved and saying ’’Goodbye!’’ before leaving the house is very important. Even if you run the risk of being late to work or class, always make time for this simple gesture. This cute departing moment should be a daily tradition that shows how much you care about your partner. Also, it’ll start you and your partner off on the right foot each day.

2. Find time to talk everyday

This is necessary and important if you want to have a good relationship. Ask your partner how their day was, and then tell them about yours. Try to make each other feel as if you were a part of those moments when you weren’t together. In general, couples often neglect this habit and don’t know that it has a power to make or break your relationship.
Don’t postpone a conversation for tomorrow. This postponement can easily turn into a bad habit. If you ignore talking to your partner today, it’ll be easy to ignore the importance of tomorrow. I guess I don’t have to explain what will happen next…

3. Never stop saying ’’I love you’’ out loud

This phrase never loses value. They hold the same significance after 30 years of marriage as they did the first time you said them. People go through doubts and fears even in the best of relationships — they may worry that they aren’t attractive anymore or are no longer good enough for their partners. It can be easy for someone to feel that the fire of love has been extinguished, especially after everything seems to have turned into a routine. Save your partner from these negative thoughts by simply saying how much you love him or her. Try it, and you’ll see a smile will light up your beloved’s face.

4. Keep surprising each other

This doesn’t mean that have to go out and buy your partner expensive gifts or take him or her out to a fancy dinner everyday. It’s as simple as unexpectedly kissing your partner on the cheek and saying how lucky you are to share a life with him or her. Even the smallest surprise can bring a spark into the relationship.

Source: relrules