Frightening Piranha Bite Caught On Camera Reveals Just How Dangerous They Are

December 27, 2016

Thanks to the advances made by waterproof camera’s and the devolution of water-based horror films into complete insanity, perhaps we’re not as terrified of the ocean as we really should be. Don’t worry, if you look hard enough, there are plenty of reasons to never go swimming outside of a well-chlorinated pool ever again. Contrary to popular belief, sharks aren’t actually a massive threat to your health, no matter what atrocities the Jaws films might show you. In real life, you’re better off being afraid of cows or vending machines, statistically. No, the real sharp-toothed threat comes from the rivers, where the piranhas lie.

Those of you who managed to sit through Piranha 3D and 3DD (the titling alone should give you a decent idea of the focus of the film franchise) would probably laugh in my face, but those old-timey cartoons showing piranhas taking a split second to turn a cow into a skeleton were only kind of exaggerating. This video shows how hard a piranha can bite, and no matter how many terrible films it spawns, it shows why you should never ever mess with a piranha.

These very brave men are testing out the biting power of a piranha by placing what seems to be a twig in its mouth. That doesn’t sound too impressive in itself, but what is astounding is how quickly the twig disappears down the piranha’s throat once it’s placed within biting distance, and the enthusiastic snaps from the small but deadly fish indicate that it’s hungry for more.

It just goes to show you; pop culture is pretty good at enhancing your fears of otherwise innocuous things (like bees, or most sharks) while playing down the imminent danger of others (dolphins). The lesson here is clear: all of nature should be treated with the utmost respect, and whether that respect results in fear or reverence depends entirely on the animal… and the bravery of the person in the situation.

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