German Shepherd Dad Is About To Pounce, But Then His Puppies Tumble Out From Under The Car

February 9, 2017

Anyone who says dogs don’t feel emotions is definitely mistaken. All dog owners know that their pups feel some sort of affection for them — they show it by snuggling up with you on the couch, bringing you their favorite toy, and wagging their tail when you walk through the door.

It’s also obvious that dogs feel emotion toward other dogs too. They get excited when they see their dog friends and can’t wait to play with them. While dogs may not feel “love” in the traditional way that humans do, it’s clear that they are not emotionless creatures.

Need more proof? Just watch this video.

The clip starts with a German shepherd staring at the back of a parked car, looking like he wants to attack whatever is hiding underneath it. He lowers his head to the ground and acts like he’s winding up to pounce toward the car.

When his puppies start to wander out from under the car, though, it’s obvious he’s just really excited to play with them. It seems like the puppies, who were completely safe hiding under the car, were under there to play hide and seek with their dad.

All the tiny German shepherd puppies come out from their hiding place and energetically jump toward their dad, trying to learn how to play. The dad German shepherd is obviously very excited to play with his puppies… and they’re just as enthused to play with Dad!

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[H/T: Viral Nova]