Giant Stray Dog Refuses To Let Woman Save Him, So She Sits With Him Until She Can Gain His Trust

February 1, 2017

When an enormous dog named Arnie was spotted outside a gas station in Athens, Greece, it was clear that he had no home, family, or anyone he could trust.

A volunteer had spotted the large, fluffy dog one night and took a picture of him, hoping to locate him again in the future to help.

Two days later, the volunteer was joined in her mission by The Orphan Pet’s two They both wanted to get the stray, who kept scratching himself due to a skin condition he had developed on the streets.

Finally, they were able to find Arnie that cold night. He was walking in between cars at the same gas station, all by himself. When the two women got out of their car to approach the dog, things didn’t go as planned.

He was standoffish and hesitant to accept their help. The two rescuers were strangers to him and he didn’t seem used to this kind of human contact.

Little by little, the volunteer woman was able to get a few steps closer to Arnie. Perhaps that camera or presence of people had frightened him too much, but he still wouldn’t give in and leave with the women.

The volunteer asked to be left alone with Arnie for a while. That was when the true magic happened.

After sitting in the cold darkness beside a gas station for about an hour, she was able to connect with Arnie. She sat most of the time and let him come to her. Thankfully, the woman gained his trust and was able to take him off of the streets to seek medical attention.

Once Arnie left the gas station with his rescuer, he began a journey that ultimately ended in a second chance at life. Check out his amazing transformation — from the inside out — in the video below to see it al for yourself!

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