What the Same Girl Looks Like in Dressing Rooms of 11 Different Stores

February 25, 2017

If you’ve ever arrived home after shopping to discover that the dress you’ve just purchased looks way worse at home than it did in the changing room, don’t be upset! You’re not alone.

Like many of you, we have noticed that in some dressing rooms our self-esteem drops below zero while others work like magic Photoshop boxes. So we at LikeAble decided to conduct a little experiment and asked our editor Inna to take a picture of herself wearing the same outfit in different dressing rooms. This is what we got.

It’s me

I don’t consider myself fat, but, like any woman, I have problem areas that either stand out or recede when I look in the mirror in different dressing rooms.



It seems that I’ve entered a mirror maze, and I’m really afraid of a phantom that may appear in the mirror behind me. Is it also hunting for that embroidered cardigan that I took to the dressing room? In any case, it doesn’t look as scary as my face does with that sharp overhead lighting.



This one is not very spacious, but I feel at home here and I’m not afraid of anyone. The lighting is soft and gentle, and the mirror doesn’t distort my reflected image.



This dressing room is probably the best. It features gentle lighting and a good mirror that makes me look so young and pretty as if I were in my teens.



The red curtain behind me makes me look like Superman wearing his famous cape. And I like that. Seriously, though, the clothes you’re trying on in this dressing room stand out better, and this helps you immediately see whether they fit you well or not.



We’re sure the curtains in the fitting rooms should not be overly dark because all dark clothes blend with the background. As in this picture.

New Yorker


The greenish light in this dressing room creates a psychedelic atmosphere, and the mirror makes me look bigger. I don’t want to stay here for more than five minutes.



Very. Little. Space. This one feels like a little coffin. If you suffer from claustrophobia, it is better to try the clothes in the shop itself. The very pale face in the mirror only intensifies this sensation. But I have to say that my silhouette looks pretty good.



I like my reflection in this mirror. I like that the lighting doesn’t hurt my eyes and how it softly shines on my shoulders. And I think I will buy that blue dress from the new collection.



This dressing room is pretty good. Not awesome, but not too bad either. It features good lighting and a lot of space. Moreover, my reflection in the mirror doesn’t make me feel upset. I will come to this shop when there are sales on.



Hmm, this lighting gives my skin a pink color. I look just like Peppa Pig here.



Oh God, am I really so fat?! I don’t like the reflection in this mirror at all. In addition, the door does not close.


1) A lot depends on the lighting. If a dressing room has harsh overhead lighting, your reflection in the mirror probably won’t please you. But remember: you don’t look that horrible in real life.

2) If a dressing room features soft vertical lights on either side of the mirror, you’re lucky as it’s the best option. You will surely like your reflection in such a room.

3) If you’re still in doubt, step outside the dressing room and walk around the shop itself. There is no such thing as “normal” lighting, but you will get a chance to look at yourself in another environment and it will help you to make the right choice.