Google’s Quietly Eavesdropping on You. This Is How You Can Find These Records!

We long ago became used to the fact that almost any information can be found on the Web. But did you know that all your requests, including voice search data, are recorded and stored by Google on the Internet?

LikeAble decided to find out what it’s for and how we can disable this function to keep personal information away from prying eyes and ears.

The search engine records all your voice requests and can store them for many years. The company doesn’t make a secret of it. In fact, everything’s written on ten pages of Google Terms of Service, which was probably read only by the developers themselves.

So if you use the voice search and have granted access to your microphone, you can listen to all the conversations that you’ve ever had.

What is it for?

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All your information — everything you’re looking for, saying, the way you spend your time on the Web — is transmitted to a program that makes the Internet “convenient,“ adjusting it for you.

It sounds good, but don’t forget that any information on the Internet can get to a malicious user and be used against you. This data also serves to show you commercials ”tailored” to you.

Where do I find this information?

On this link you’ll find all the information your cell phone microphone has ever recorded. If there’s nothing there, it means you didn’t use the voice search “Okay, Google.”

And here’s a full dossier where you can find the information relating not only to the voice search but also to where and when you were, what you searched for, and what you downloaded.

How to delete your personal data

To disable tracking and voice search recording in the future, click on this link and in a pop-up menu on the right select “Activity controls.” This opens a page where you need to find “Voice and Audio activity” and turn it off.

But that’s not all. To remove all personal data from the server, click on the “Choose deleting parameters” in the right column, and then select “All time” in the next pop-up menu. Now all the voice information will be deleted from the Google server.

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