The greatest cruise ship in the world

Imagine a floating Las Vegas Strip, a ship that holds 7,500 people, 2,500 of which are staff. Add in an ice rink, volleyball and basketball courts, a golf course, a bowling alley, a rock-climbing wall, a gym, a spa and swimming pools. All of that can be found on the biggest cruise ship in the world, Allure of the Seas.

We at LikeAble cannot even believe that a ship like that stays afloat.

The cruise ship looks like two houses placed parallel to each other and connected in the front and the back. There is green space inside and swimming pools and sunbeds on the roof. There are swimming pools for children, swimming pools with slides, swimming pools with fountains and a jacuzzi.

There is also a miniature golf course.

There are basketball and volleyball courts.

There are also a few tables for ping pong.

There are two ’wave’ pools where people can practice surfing. One wave is for beginners and the other is for more advanced surfers.

There is a carousel, a bar and a movie theater between the two buildings.

On the other side is the park. It is an open space with trees and plants on the eighth-story level.

The glass roofs are meant for walking. These sidewalks feel like regular city streets.

The cruise ship has two walls for rock-climbing.

The movie theatre has a huge screen.

The deck of the 5th floor is the place for evacuation, where people come in case of emergency. In the mean time, it’s used as a running track that is 700 meters long.

There are a few conference rooms of various sizes that can host business meetings.

There is a huge spa…

…and a large gym with countless exercise equipment.

There is a helicopter landing pad on the bow of the ship, where passengers are prohibited.

The cruise ship also has a cozy library.

The fifth floor has shops, bars with karaoke and even a Starbucks.

There is a vintage car for a touch of chic and luxury.

The fourth floor has a casino and a few night clubs. Gambling establishments are only open while the cruise ship is out of the territorial waters of any state, and they don’t function while in a seaport.

This is the central theatre. Every evening passengers can watch shows for free.

Every room has a balcony. Rooms are big and narrow but long.

The cruise ship is run by a first officer rather than a captain. It doesn’t have a helm, and the engine powers three screws that spin 360 degrees. The cruise ship can be run either manually or by a computer and the system follows the course and adjusts the directions.

Here is a comparison with the Titanic.

Author: Sergey Dolya