This guy is surely the world’s greatest father

Everyone has pretty similar childhood pictures of themselves: in their cot as a baby, the embarrassing one of them on their potty, looking cute in their mom’s and dad’s arms… But the little daughter of American photographer Dave Engledow will probably look back one day and realise that she has the most creative children’s photo album in the world.

Since the birth of Alice Bee, Dave has been making a photo project called ’World’s Best Father’, in which he and his daughter are the main characters. And the images this super dad’s been coming up with have turned out to be far from what you’d expect, thanks to his brilliant sense of humour.

We here at LikeAble thought we’d share with you some of the best pictures of the series.

Creative accounting.

Getting a sun tan.

Breaking Bad!

Yoga master.

Ballet practice.

Sting like a bee.

Home X-ray.

Cooking kimchi.

A future Olympic champion.



Steak and scrambled eggs.

Olympic fever.

Kitchen race.

Washing the dishes.

Short ribs for the baby.

Dad’s best friend.

Father’s Day breakfast.



A pedicure at home.

Pizza night.

Behind the scenes.

Diaper duty.

The rivalry.


Martini time.

BBQ with the world’s greatest father.

Saturday morning.

Cleaning up.


Beating the novice.

Living life to the full.

Halloween preparations.


Time for a big wash.

When you’re late for work.

The big storm.

Ears are the tastiest.

How to make the best chili.

And the winner is…

At the picnic.

No more swearing!

Photo credit: World’s Best Father