This guy wanted to help his mom find a boyfriend. So this is what he did…

Alex Lyngaas really wanted his mom to find a boyfriend. He secretly filmed her during the course of a whole year. Then, he put together a video and posted it on the internet on the Mother’s day asking people if they could help.

The video was titled ’’Looking For Adam.’’ We couldn’t help but feel truly touched by this man’s kindness and love for his mother, and just had to share it with you.

’’I would like to introduce you to my mother, Eva, who’s single and deserves a good man.’’

’’The last couple of years she’s been trying to find love, and even gone on a few dates, but it just hasn’t worked out.’’

’’She has many hobbies. Tennis, for example.’’

’’…and yoga.’’

’’Mountain skiing…’’

’’and also dancing!’’

’’She knows how to enjoy life.’’

His mom never suspected anything. She was very touched when Alex played her the video.

We at LikeAble really admire what Alex did and hope that Eva will soon find her one true soulmate!

Here’s the full video which Alex made:

Source: buzzfeed