This Guy Wrote His Résumé in a Way That Guaranteed Any Company Would Open It

December 23, 2016

When searching for work, we often have to think up an unusual idea to stand out from the crowd.

25-year-old Lukas Yla found the most unusual way to catch the attention of potential employers, using his resume.

© Lukas Yla

The young man had just realized his most cherished dream of moving from Vilnius to San Francisco, and he had to find a job. He realized this was no easy task since competition for work in the USA was a lot more intense. So he developed a whole marketing campaign for himself, and here it is.

Lukas printed a T-shirt that is worn by the employees of one of San Francisco’s largest courier companies.

© Lukas Yla

He then got several boxes full of donuts and attached the following message to the inside of them:

Lukas then personally delivered the boxes to every company where he wanted to work.

© Lukas Yla

Lukas carried out research beforehand which ensured he would have direct contact with those who were responsible for hiring new employees at his chosen companies. Using this simple method, Lukas made sure his resume would be picked up by every company, since their employees couldn’t resist opening a box bearing the logo of a famous confectionary company.

Lukas has now delivered more than 40 boxes to various different companies and has already received more than ten replies. He’s now taking part in the interview process with several companies.

Preview photo credit Lukas Yla