Homeless Man On Bicycle Hears Cries From Behind A Wall, Finds Abandoned Baby Girl On The Ground

February 5, 2017

On February 8, 2015, a homeless man named Mark was biking in a parking lot near a busy intersection, looking for recyclables, when he heard a strange noise coming from behind a wall. He stopped biking and realized that the noise was a baby crying.

He followed the crying and found a baby girl, not more than a few hours old, wrapped in a blanket and abandoned on the street corner.

Police said that Mark discovered the baby covered in a blanket lying on the grass. Deputies believe she was probably born right there on the curb.

Mark picked up the baby and began biking to the hospital when he ran into another homeless man, Vance Cobb, who was shocked at what he saw Mark holding. Not only was he surprised to see Mark with a baby in his arms, he was stunned when he noticed that the baby was so new she still had blood on her.

Instead of taking the infant to the hospital, Vance convinced Mark to bring her to a nearby fire station, only a few blocks from where they found her.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department claims that once the baby was dropped off, paramedics transported her to a nearby hospital, where she was listed in stable condition.

Later, police said they were approached by a woman who said she assisted the mother in giving birth. When the woman stood up from where she was sitting, however, police noticed blood on her chair and thought she might actually be the baby’s mother.

Police say they took her to the hospital, where a physician told them that the “witness” had recently given birth. She was then admitted for treatment.

At the time CBS Los Angeles reported the story, both mother and baby seemed to be in good health. This infant is definitely lucky a Good Samaritan spotted her and decided to step in and help!

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Thumbnail: Wikimedia Commons