A Homeless Man in London Didn’t Let Two Lovers Freeze, and This Is What They Did

Just look around and share what you have — there’s a good deed for you already. That’s exactly what a London homeless man did when Charlotte Ellis and Taylor Waldon, a young couple, happened to be on the street near him on a freezing night.

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Charlotte and Taylor were late for their last train and had to wait for the morning train for four hours in the freezing January cold.

© Charlotte Ellis

A homeless man who called himself Joey approached them and offered them his coat and duvet, saying, “Take this, it’s cold today, and you’ve long to wait.”

© Charlotte Ellis

The couple accepted his help, and in return they invited Joey to their home so he could wash, sleep, and eat.

© Taylor Waldon

Joey thought they were kidding, but Charlotte refused to leave without him. In the end, they became good friends, and the girl decided to tell this story on her Facebook page.


Hundreds of people were touched by such kindness and shared Charlotte’s post, but there were also those who thought they were crazy. To this, Charlotte wrote, “People are quick to jump to assumptions. All he needed was a little faith put in him. You shouldn’t think other people are bad only because they are out on the streets. They’re just like you and me.”

© echo-news

The couple’s friends gave Joey a phone and new clothes, and in only 5 days Charlotte and Taylor helped him find a job. As Charlotte wrote on her page, “I hope everyone will realize how easy it is to do something that’ll change somebody’s life.”

Source mirror.co.uk
Preview photo credit Charlotte Ellis