Hot Dad Blows Out Birthday Candles, Then His Quintuplet Girls Erupt Into Hysterical Tears

February 7, 2017

Birthdays are special for everyone. It’s a day that’s all about you. Your loved ones all come together to wish you a special day and a great year to come.

They’ll most likely shower you with gifts, good food, and celebratory get-togethers.

But even if you don’t get a huge celebration, you’ll feel the love from those who care about you. And sometimes, that’s all you really need.

When Buzz was celebrating his first birthday with all six of his baby girls at home, Mom started to record so they could remember the moment forever.

It’s a big milestone, having their quintuplet girls and their oldest daughter all together and surrounding him for his birthday for the first time since the younger ones’ birth.

So, after they adorably sing and stare at Daddy, the best moment comes when it’s time to blow out the candles.

Clearly, this is a moment they’ll cherish, as they’d hoped. But they definitely weren’t expecting the reaction the quints erupt with when the candles go out!

They become inconsolable, and although these 6 little girls must be a handful, their parents definitely take it all in and enjoy the little things!

They laugh along with the confused crying babies, and Dad couldn’t have a bigger smile on his face.

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