This house is more than 300 years old — and it’s utterly amazing inside

This house on the coast of Cornwall, Great Britain, was built in 1680. It seems small from the outside; it’s a bit gloomy and inconvenient to live in, with low ceilings, small windows, and thick stone walls. But a young couple bought it and turned it into a modern, cozy house where they have all they need.

We at LikeAble would love to live in this nice old house, which is now up for lease.

The house itself

From the outside, it looks like a typical Cornwall 300-year-old house.

The entrance

If you’re tall, be careful when entering the house.

The living room

Inside, you can see a modern ‘retro’ interior: the living room with a soft and cozy couch, TV, fireplace, and a reading corner. Oh, and there’s an ancient trunk serving as a table.

The fireplace

The fireplace in the living room is the same one from the original house. However, the owners added modern fireproof walls and a door for safety purposes, but you can still make a fire there.

The bedroom

In the bedroom, there’s a huge colonial style bed with wooden bedside cabinets. All of the walls in the house are painted white so that the rooms seem spacious and bright.

The children’s room

Next to the bedroom you can find the children’s room, and in it, everything a kid wants.

The bathroom

The bathroom with antique lamps is cozy and spacious. Everything you need is at hand.

The kitchen

In this modern kitchen, you’ll find everything you need for cooking the perfect order.

The breakfast corner

You can have breakfast at a special table that is also situated in the kitchen.

The patio

You can also choose to have breakfast on the patio, fenced with a high wall to provide privacy. And if the weather’s not so good, there’s also a gazebo.

Source: Uniquehomestays