Husband Is About To Divorce Wife, Then He Forgets Her Identity After Car Crash

February 8, 2017

Bob and Gloria Farley had a magnetic love. The kind of love that makes you giddy, excited to be alive, and feel like the possibilities are endless. In fact the couple fell in love through letters. Just after they met, Bob served in the Vietnam War.

He would sign all of his letters “P.L.M.F” which stood for “Please Love Me Forever.” Gloria did just that and the pair were married. They had two beautiful daughters together.

Gloria became a nurse and Bob an officer. As time passed they began to grow apart, nothing was bad, but they were just preoccupied with work and other things. Most couples would have split up, but then something horrifying happened.

Bob was in a terrible car accident, which ravaged his mind and body. When Gloria went to visit him, he told her she was his favorite nurse. Much like the love story that inspired The Vow, he had no idea who she was.

When he first saw his daughter, he didn’t recognize her at all. What was Gloria to do? She and her husband were headed toward a divorce and now he didn’t know her identity. However, Gloria knew exactly who he was, she remembered his heart.

For the next eight years, she would work tirelessly with Bob to become his old self, and eventually he did. However, he did better than that, he became his best self. The pair now celebrate 42 years of marriage. After the near-death experience, Bob became a family man and devoted husband, showering his family with love and care.

Gloria fell in love with him all over again.

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