Husband Serves Wife Divorce Papers During 3-Week Makeover, But He’ll Definitely Regret It

February 7, 2017

In the early 2000s, a TV show called The Swan took viewers by surprise with extreme makeovers that often involved plastic surgery during contestants’ three-week transformations.

But while everyone might not agree with the surgery aspect of the show, it’s undeniable that the entire team of experts, which included therapists, helped these women feel better and address their problems on the inside too.

Army Captain DeLisa Styles came on the show during a rough time in her life. Her husband and herself had been separated for a while, and she felt both physically and emotionally undesirable.

But after she took on the three-week makeover, he served her divorce papers.

Struggling with that while on the show was hard, but the doctors and therapists were there to support her so that when her body transformation was finished, she could keep her happiness within, too!

And let’s just say I think her husband is going to regret those papers! Her beautiful personality should have been enough for him to stay, but now she’ll find the confidence to get out there and find the real love of her life.

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