This Incredible Accessory Easily Turns Into a Snood, Dress, Skirt, Vest…

Magic scarves, also known as “moa boas,” are a unique garment in that they can be worn many different ways. Made from a mixture of polyester and silky faux fur, the magic scarf is actually a tube that can stretch to many times its original width, creating a degree of versatility unmatched by your typical winter garment.

LikeAble would like to offer you a few ideas for how to wear your magic scarf, but remember — there are literally thousands of different styles you can work out for yourself!

#1: The Classic Scarf


Although the magic scarf can do so much more, it’s not worth disregarding that classic look. Simply fold the scarf in two, wrap it around your neck, and pass the end through the loop. The scarf’s texture will add an eye-catching element to it despite the style itself being unremarkable.

#2: The Double Snood


Pass both your hands through the “hole” in the scarf’s center, stretching it into a fat hollow tube. Pass the scarf over your head to rest on your neck, twist at the front, and pass it over again to form a wonderfully cozy arrangement.

#3: The Scarf Hoodie


A very stylish look that can be achieved in a matter of seconds. Pass your arms through the center of the scarf’s tube, and pull it down around your shoulders and upper torso. Lift up the top part over your head to form a hood. The lower rim of the tube should hang down loosely onto your chest.

#4: The Full-Length Dress


Pass your arms through the scarf’s tube, pull it over your head, and pull both arms out the top of the tube. Grab the upper rim of the scarf at two points on your chest, and stretch them behind your neck. Pin them there, and finally stretch the scarf down the length of your body at the other end.

#5: The Shoulder Dress


Use the same method as with the full-length dress, but simply keep one arm and shoulder covered within the scarf. Stretch the lower edge only partly down your legs.

#6: The Scarf Vest


With your hands passed through the tube of the scarf, slide one side up your arm to your shoulder, with your other arm pulled up and behind your head. Then straighten out your other arm to pull the other half up over the other shoulder, in a similar manner to putting on a coat.

#7: The Twisted Collar


Simply pull the scarf down onto your shoulders to form a large loose band that drapes across your chest.

#8: The Halter Top


Pull the scarf over your head, and stretch the front loop down to your waist. Fold one side of the loop flat across your torso, and stretch the two ends of it behind your back. Tie them together at the base of your spine.

#9: The Knot Scarf


Pull the scarf down over your shoulders and chest, stretching it over your elbows.

#10: The Shoulderless Dress


This is similar to the full-length dress, but you simply don’t pin the material back behind your neck.

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