Infertile Mom Adopts Baby Boy, 4 Days Later, Her Pregnancy Test Is Positive

February 1, 2017

Eric and Rachel White wanted to expand their family. However, after a year and a half of trying without conception, they decided to turn to adoption. The parents admit that they were going to be picky about the child they would permanently bring into their home.

Moreover, they specifically didn’t want a child with special needs — until they saw baby Josiah for the first time. Something inside of them was triggered. This was their son, they thought. Josiah didn’t only have special needs, he was already regarded as terminally ill.

The baby boy was born without a brain. Doctors said he wouldn’t live for more than a few weeks. In order to even be allowed to adopt Josiah, Eric and Rachel would need a burial plan for him. The couple took a leap of faith and moved forward with the adoption.

Then, just four days after they brought baby Josiah home, something incredible happened: Rachel discovered she was pregnant. Rachel believed that everything had happened for a reason.

If she had gotten pregnant a year and a half ago, they never would have brought Josiah into their home. As for him? Josiah lived far longer than six weeks. He gave the family over two precious years that they are eternally grateful for.

Life has a way of throwing the unexpected at you, and it’s when we are able to embrace it that we get the most out of life.

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