It’s the little things like this which mean you can say ’we’re happy together’!

November 18, 2015

The main secret to a strong and happy relationship that feels as fresh as the first day you were together is surely the ability to not take anything seriously and to rejoice in the little things.

With the permission of the author, LikeAble offers you the chance to look at the super illustrations of hPolaw and recall some of the nuances that help make two people in love truly happy together.

Feelings of joy at receiving even the most simple present



Sleeping arm in arm (even when it’s not very comfortable)



Doing things together



Hugs, hugs, and more hugs


Caring for each other and being ready to help at a moment’s notice


Touching little deeds done in the name of love



Childish antics



Going shopping together



The ability to hear each other out and to calm down





And the most important thing: understanding that the differences between us are what make us love each other



Source Those Comics

Preview photo credit Those Comics