This little baby and his puppy are perhaps the most adorable siblings in the world

Ivette Ivens fell in love with this cute bulldog at first sight. When she found out that the puppy was born on the same day as her little son, Dylan, Ivette decided that this was an omen. The dog named Farley has now been living with the family for about five months, and it always looks after Dylan. Ivette takes touching photos of their little friendship and posts them on Instagram.

LikeAble put together some of the most adorable pictures of these two inseparable friends. This is why every child in the world needs a pet!

’’Farley is very gentle and clumsy, just like a real baby.’’

’’Whether it’s having a bath or having dinner — they do everything together.’’

’’Farley always plays with Dylan and tries not to snore when the baby is sleeping.’’

’’I enjoy seeing them together so much.’’

’’Farley even cleans up after Dylan’s done eating.’’

’’If Dylan cries, the puppy licks his neck to make him laugh.’’

’’They have such a warm, pure, unconditional, and sincere love for each other.’’

Adapted from: boredpanda