This little example of everyday human kindness will warm your heart

Somehow, a dog got into the Moscow subway. It was running around the platform, maybe searching for something, but slipped and fell on the rails.

The rails have an extremely high voltage, and the train was just about to arrive at the station. It was rush hour; the platform was extremely crowded. People were confused, no one knew what to do, and some even began to cry. Vladislav Potatuev, a policeman who took on this difficult challenge, rescued the dog. He jumped down on to the rails, picked up the dog, and brought it up to the platform. The whole thing took less than a minute.

«I had to do something about it; it had to be quick. I wasn’t afraid. I would do the same, even if I wasn’t working that day. Anybody would», Vladislav said.

The story isn’t over. But again, it’s not really a story — it’s just a man doing his work. We would like as many people as possible to learn about what he did and say to him: «You did a good thing, thank you!» Who knows — maybe it’ll spark others to do the same.

Source: helpadog