How our lives change when we become parents

The arrival of a baby is a hugely important event in any family’s life. Eager parents-to-be try to do everything to prepare for it in advance. Many of them find out their baby’s gender well before he or she is born. Some even manage to work out the exact date of they can expect the birth to occur. And all too often, young family couples even begin to plan which kindergarten their little one is going to attend — all while the kid is still inside his or her mom’s belly! And yet, few young parents have a precise understanding of the ways in which the presence of a tiny tot will change their lives. Rest assured, many things will have to change — your habits, your daily routine; even your wishes and expectations.

Today, we at LikeAble offer you a chance to take a look at some of the unforgettable moments from the lives of every young couple when they have their first child. Perhaps, you’ll find some of these situations familiar.