How to look 30 when you’re 60: Christie Brinkley’s story

How old does this model seem to you? 25, 30, or maybe 40? This is Christie Brinkley, and she’s actually 61. While her contemporaries are collecting their pensions, she poses in a swimsuit for famous magazine covers. ’Age’ for Brinkley is water under the bridge.

Two years ago, when she was just about to turn 60, Christie said in an interview for People magazine: ’I’m thrilled to be turning 60 soon, I feel like I’m living through the best years of my life’. We wish everyone could be so energetic and self-confident at Christie’s age.


In 1973, American photographer Errol Sawyer saw a beautiful girl in a Paris post office. It was Christie, who grew up in Errol’s homeland, the United States, and came to France to finish her education. Sawyer took a couple of posed shots, and John Casablancas, the Elite’s Talent Agency owner, got interested. Then, Christie’s brilliant career started.

© Felipe Ramales

Over the years, Brinkley has appeared on the covers of more than 500 magazines, including Vogue, Glamour, Rolling Stone, and Esquire. In the mid-1980s, Christie signed a contract for 20 years, the longest in the history of fashion, with the cosmetics company Cover Girl. Brinkley and the brand were so happy with their arrangements together that her contract was renewed in 2005.

Cover Girl

Now, Christie’s not only a model but also a writer, illustrator, photographer, designer, and singer. And yes, she’s a mother of three children who, in spite of her pregnancies and births, has always managed to stay in shape. There’s no point in prevaricating: Brinkley’s a frequent guest of beauticians; she does her make-up carefully each day, and uses false hair in her wonderful hairstyles. But what’s wrong with that, if she looks and feels great?

Christie Brinkley’s Rules of Life
Forget about your age

’My biological age has nothing to do with my internal sense of self,’ Brinkley constantly tells journalists. ’These are just numbers. I feel like time cannot limit my spirit, my energy and me myself!’

If you want something badly, you can afford it

Christie is a vegetarian. Since she turned 13, she eats only fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. Her fans consider that to be the secret of her success. But that doesn’t mean Brinkley refuses to eat everything else. She confessed many times that she’s a fan of Italian pasta and eats it for dinner. The model also doesn’t mind seafood: ’Life’s too short to not afford oysters and champagne from time to time’.

Don’t dwell on your clothing size

Christie once said in another interview that her weight hovers from time to time. It’s not a surprise if you take into account her love of pasta and other heavy food. Her wardrobe comprises jeans sizes 40-44, but it doesn’t embarrass her.

Sports = youth

But there are things which Brinkley dwells on — sports and physical activity. Exercise helps her feel young: ’As soon as I make my joints work, I feel I’m ready to do anything,’ she once said. At the time, she was the public face of the TotalGym simulator, and still says in every interview that she uses it to work on her abs, arms and legs. Moreover, Christie tries to do 100 push-ups plus yoga for at least a half an hour every day, and often goes for a morning jog.


Brinkley likes extreme sports as well: ’During my life, I had a lot of injuries from things that were out of my control: escaped horses, fallen helicopters, overturned boats,’ she told journalists.


Love your children

Despite her brilliant career and human rights activities, Brinkley puts family first. ’I’m a mom, I’m responsible for my children and myself. I want to stay with them always and do my best for them,’ she says.