It Looks Like An Ordinary Hill, But There’s An Adorable ‘Hobbit House’ Hiding Underneath

February 9, 2017

If you’re a fan of fantasy, or even just of the fantastic, then maybe you’ve imagined where you’d live if you were a character in a magical tale. You might opt for a castle on a mountaintop, or maybe a sprawling palace full of wonders.

But you have to admit, no matter how luxurious a palace might be, it’s hard to beat the sense of coziness you get from a hobbit house.

What’s a hobbit house? Named for the small, barefoot characters in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe, the name refers to homes built into the sides of hills. Plenty of real houses all over the world use this plan, and thanks to their design, you might not even see them if you approach them from the wrong angle.

One such house is located in Slovenia. Tucked under a little hill, it’s actually a teahouse designed and created by Danica and Jože Kolarič with recycled and reclaimed materials.

And did we mention it’s adorable?

It was also literally built right into a small hill. Approaching it from behind, you might not even realize it was there (though the chimney sticking out of the ground might clue you in).

Surrounding the teahouse is a garden full of flowers and beehives. If you could have tea anywhere in the world, this place would probably be pretty high on your list.

[H/T: Inhabitat]


This teahouse built into the side of a small hill in Slovenia resembles nothing more than a hobbit house out of Lord of the Rings.

It’s designed so that it almost entirely blends into the natural landscape, and has soil with living grass growing right on top of it.

From behind the house, you might never guess there was a house at all, just a rolling garden full of flowers. The only thing giving the teahouse away from this angle is the chimney, which you can see on the left side of the photo.

The house was built using wood and stones from the abandoned old farmhouses that can be found dotting the landscape in Slovenia.

Designers Danica and Jože Kolarič wanted to use reclaimed materials for a look that was rustic and cozy, and also paid homage to the region’s history.

Inside is just as cute as the outside, with timber planks and plenty of cute decoration for timeless coziness.

And it’s warm year round thanks to a wood-burning fireplace.

The teahouse’s back wall is made from cement, so the house can stand up under weight of the soil from the hill.

Outside is the garden, where the Kolaričs grow a wide variety of flowers and herbs. In addition to the teahouse, they’ve also designed and built a garden pavilion and a beehive.

Sipping a cup of tea in this hobbit house must be a truly magical experience, like being transported right into a fairy tale or another time.

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