Man Finds Kitten Frozen In Barn, Then Dog Starts Licking Stiff Body Until She Moves

February 1, 2017

A mother’s love is unlike anything else in this world.

If you are a mother, you know what it is like to love someone else unconditionally. Even if you’re not a mom, you can comprehend it just from looking at your own mom.

Giving birth to someone isn’t the only way you can be a mom. Just look at how many adoptions take place across the globe!

For animals, things aren’t much different.

Animals can’t talk to each other, but they can communicate in many other ways. Different species can even take care of each other, like a cat caring for puppies.

Mittens, a friendly dog owned by Patrica Weber, didn’t think twice about taking care of a kitten.

This little gray kitten was found practically frozen to death. No one expected the kitten to make it, but when Patricia put the kitten down, Mittens started to lick her. And sure enough, the kitten started to meow!

Mittens didn’t have any puppies in the house at the time, but three days later, she started producing milk and feeding the kitten. It was like her body knew what the kitten needed!

As winter continues, it is important to keep animals like this tiny kitten in mind! One couple found a cat on the sidewalk and didn’t realize at first the poor thing was frozen there, but thankfully they are OK now!

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