Man Finds Tiny Mystery Eggs Outside, Then One Starts Hatching In His Hand

February 6, 2017

Any gardener knows that the great outdoors is full of spectacular treasures!

Still, most folks with green thumbs probably go out into the garden hoping to find some beautiful flowers to bring into the house, not a mysterious creature hatching eggs.

For one gardener in Hawaii, that’s exactly what happened!

Fortunately, the eggs he discovered weren’t connected to common garden pests like slugs or snails — they were something totally unexpected.

After going out into the backyard to get some work done, the gardener discovered a clutch of tiny white eggs hiding out in a hollow bamboo log.

They were scattered around the inside of the log, and were gently fixed to the surface.

The eggs were just tiny little white specks; the whole collection could fit in the palm of his hand.

Even more incredible? One of the eggs started to move and crack right there in his hand!

Scroll through below to see the magical moment unfold.

When a gardener in Oahu, Hawaii, went out into his backyard one day, he discovered an incredible surprise: Inside of a hollow bamboo log, he found a tiny family just waiting to be born!

There was a clutch of itty-bitty eggs concealed in the log.

There were about a dozen of the tiny eggs hidden inside. The eggs, no bigger than peas, were stuck to the surface. This is a technique used by lizards to protect the hatchlings from predators.

In this particular case, most of the eggs had already hatched and were empty.

However, a tiny handful of the eggs still hadn’t cracked.

The intrepid gardener picked them up for a closer look.

It’s important to note that, while you should never handle bird eggs, mother lizards never return to their hatchlings, so the babies aren’t endangered by contact with humans.

Even more incredible, while he was holding the lizard eggs in his hand, one began to crack and move.

A tiny baby was hatching right there in his hand!

When the little guy emerged, he was revealed to be a tiny baby gecko, no bigger than a thumbnail.

The gardener returned the tiny baby lizard and the unhatched eggs to where he found them to give them a shot at finding the rest of the hatchlings.

Because gecko parents don’t stick around, the babies aren’t designed to imprint when they hatch; a little guy like our baby gecko should do just fine on his own!

We have no doubt that this teeny-tiny baby will grow up into a very impressive gecko specimen.

There are seven gecko species living wild in Hawaii, and we aren’t sure which family he belongs to, but he’s bound to find plenty of friends and family wherever he ends up!

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