Man Freezes Food Coloring And Water In Pans, Builds Stunning Glowing Igloo In His Backyard

February 2, 2017

When summer rolls around, a lot of people like to take on summer projects. You know, anything from fixing the roof, to cleaning out the garage, to building a new porch.

One thing most people don’t like to do is take on projects in the winter. One man who loves the cold weather, though, decided to take on a fun outdoor project in the snow: He built an igloo.

If you have kids, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time helping them play and build in the snow — snowmen, snow tunnels, snow forts, and maybe even igloos.

Chances are you’ve tried to build an igloo, but it didn’t go very well. Igloos are notoriously hard to build (especially if you have distracted kids running around). They take a lot of planning and time, which can be hard to come by, whether or not you have children.

Reddit user cyrzee13 figured out how to make a beautiful, incredible igloo, and he shared his steps online so others can try.

First, freeze 250 ice blocks in foil pans. Use food coloring in some of the pans to dye the blocks.

Then build a foundation using packed snow. Angle the ice blocks slightly inward on the first level.

Build the first few rows, continuing to angle the blocks inward.

Use support until the blocks are frozen in place.

As you continue to build, put colored blocks in random places to create an interesting pattern.

In between the blocks, use a slush mortar made of snow and water to fill in the cracks.

Once the first few blocks are set, the rest are easier to keep in place.

Make sure to vary the colors you use in the igloo so you don’t run out of any at the end.

Leave a large gap for the door so you don’t get stuck inside.

There may be some major gaps at the end, but any open space can be filled in with the slush mixture.

Build the doorway into an arch shape using remaining blocks.

Inside, set up chairs, tables, benches, or whatever you see fit for your space.

The final product!

If you put some sort of light inside the igloo, it will glow at night.

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[H/T Viral Nova]

Thumbnail: Flickr