Man Grows Out Long Red Hair And Beard. But When He Cuts It Off, His Face Looks Totally Different

February 7, 2017

Any major change in appearance can be quite jarring, but you would expect to look more or less like yourself no matter how you wear your hair, or what clothes are on your back. I remember totally changing my look at few years ago, but I was still very recognizable! I can’t think of anyone who has changed more with just a few snips of the scissors than a man named Jackson Wise.

When Jackson decided to chop off his long locks and totally shave his beard, he certainly looked like a totally different person!

He sits in front of a camera and lets a woman cut his hair, little by little. He even holds a huge chunk of it in his hand.

Then, in a stop-motion video, you start to see his skin under that big, red, bushy beard. You can see the outline of his face more clearly with just a few moves with the scissors.

It appears that he’s not the only one trying to make a change: he’s in good company with this man, whose face was barely visible before making the cut.

By the end of the clip, he’s not totally shaved, but his amazing transformation truly makes him seem like a new person.

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