This Man Recreated His Wedding Photos with His Daughter After His Wife Passed Away…and They’re Beautiful

December 26, 2016

Ben and Ali Nunery got married in 2009. Like many couples, they made a series of wedding photos in their new home. Unfortunately, their happy life together didn’t last long. Ali died from lung cancer in 2011, leaving behind both her husband and a little daughter, Olivia. Two years later, the family decided to sell the house and move elsewhere. But before they went, Ben and his daughter decided to recreate the wedding photos together in Ali’s memory.

’I wanted to show people through these photographs that although I had lost my wife, this wasn’t the whole story — this was also a story of love, as well as pain and loss’, said Ben.

We decided to share with you this story of love and loss. It captures something that thousands of people around the world go through every day.

The photo on the left is from 2009; the one on the right shows Ben and Olivia in 2013.

These photos will remind Olivia about the house where her life began. Ben wanted his little girl to always remember the place where her life began and where her family had lived together.

’Our memory of Ali doesn’t live in this house; it’s in our hearts’, said Ben.

While they were taking the photographs, Olivia found her mother’s old hair cyrkers and sat down to play with them. The photo which was then taken is reminiscent of the shots from Ben and Ali’s wedding preparations.

Melanie, Ali’s older sister, took the photographs. The family wanted to remember only the good things about the past.

Olivia calls this glass angel ’mom’.

Whilst they were taking the photos, Olivia found a small white feather. No one can explain where it came from. Ali’s sister believes this shows that the mother is giving her daughter a sign.

Ben plays a song by Stevie Wonder on the ukelele for his daughter, which was played at his and Ali’s wedding.

’Whatever happens, Olivia will always know that there is a place where I was the happiest man on Earth — even if it didn’t last for very long.’