This Man Took a Picture of His Life Every Day Until the Moment His Heart Stopped

Jamie Livingston is one of those people who leave something truly meaningful and memorable behind them. His life-long photo project ensures that Jamie will never be forgotten.

We at LikeAble have picked some of the most impressive and fascinating shots. The entire collection of pictures can be found on a website called “Jamie Livingston: some photos of that day.” It was created by Betsy Reid and Hugh Crawford, two of Jamie’s best friends.

June 15, 1979: Self-portrait of Jamie Livingston.

The project started on March 31, 1979, when the native New Yorker and college student captured his first photograph. He then took a picture every day for the next 18 years and maintained this tradition until the day he died in 1997.

He used his Polaroid to document all the important moments of his life, from his friends, family, and love relationships, to his job and his life’s biggest battle.

March 31, 1979: The first photo of the project.

May 27, 1979: Jamie graduated from Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson.

March 31, 1980: New York subway.

August 11, 1980: Pictures of his close friends.

June 13, 1981: Jamie also worked as a clown at circus shows.

December 6, 1980: Some of his pictures were abstract, yet no less emotional.

March 7, 1982: Early virtual reality?

July 18, 1982: Summer trip to Europe. It was just unforgettable!

January 1, 1983: New Year’s Day.

January 21, 1983: Jamie worked as a music video editor at MTV.

April 3, 1984: By this time, Jamie had over 1,500 pictures.

May 8, 1985: Mirrors helped to convey the atmosphere of the day.

June 27, 1985: A beautiful morning.

August 9, 1986: Spending time with friends.

September 23, 1986: Some of his photographs are filled with strong emotions.

December 11, 1986: Others seem incredibly intimate.

March 30, 1988: He laid out all his photos on the floor. There are thousands of them!

July 2, 1989: Among other talents, Jamie was also a great accordion player.

July 7, 1990: It’s time for goofing around.

December 8, 1990: Somebody has a bright idea.

April 9, 1991: Baseball tickets for Jamie and his friends.

January 2, 1996: Sometimes it’s not clear who exactly is behind the camera.

February 7, 1997: Special edition of Star Wars.

May 2, 1997: Jamie’s health begins to deteriorate rapidly. He is diagnosed with cancer.

May 4, 1997: Jamie survived the surgery.

June 2, 1997: Self-portrait of Jamie Livingston.

July 29, 1997: Jamie lost his hair due to his chemotherapy treatment.

August 20, 1997: Friends visited him in the hospital every day.

August 21, 1997: Medication became a regular part of his life.

September 29, 1997: Jamie’s health improved a bit, but he was still seriously ill.

October 5, 1997: He decided to propose to his girlfriend. You can see her in the background.

October 7, 1997: Jamie and his girlfriend got married.

October 10, 1997: The last portrait of Jamie and his wife.

October 20, 1997: A few days after the wedding, Jamie’s health deteriorated sharply. He was taken to the hospital.

October 24, 1997: Friends play music for him in the hospital.

October 25, 1997: This is Jamie’s final picture. He died on his 41st birthday.

Jamie Livingston left behind a truly remarkable life portrait in the form of a great collection comprised of over 6,000 pictures.

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