Mark Zuckerberg Has Revealed What His Home Looks Like, and It Sure Is Impressive

Mark Zuckerberg, programmer and founder of Facebook, is one of the richest people on the planet. Judging by the examples provided by other rich people, his home must surely be absolutely amazing, right? It is, but not in the way you were expecting!

Recently, Zuckerberg uploaded a video online in which he presented his latest invention: a smart home called Jarvis. Describing how it uses artificial intelligence, Mark took the film crew for an excursion around his house.

Amazingly, there’s nothing excessive in this billionaire’s home. In every room, the setup is very modest. Overall, the house has a minimalistic feel to it.

Zuckerberg shows both the exterior and interior of his home in Palo Alto. The camera falls on several of the rooms in which Mark lives with his family. They bought the house for $7 million a few years ago, and they left it almost exactly as it was when they first moved in.

Living in rather modest surroundings in view of their wealth, Zuckerberg and his wife are at the same time famous for their philanthropy. They spend money not on golden toilet fittings, but instead on charity, and it’s difficult not to take satisfaction in that. In 2010, Mark even signed up to “The Giving Pledge” — a philanthropic organization founded by billionaires Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

Along with his wife, Priscilla Chan, Mark plans to give away 99% of his shares in Facebook — which are worth $45 billion — to charity. Now that’s what I call generosity!

We at LikeAble think Mark Zuckerberg deserves to be held up as an example for all the other wealthy people out there to follow. Despite being the youngest billionaire in the world, Mark has managed to retain his sense of kindness, justice, and human warmth, and hasn’t been taken over by an obsession with money.

Source Facebook