Minimalist Geometric Earrings That Create A Beautiful Illusion When You Put Them On

February 15, 2017

London-based design house Otis Jaxon has released a new line of ‘ear climbers’, also known as jewelry from the future.

These pure sterling silver earrings are inserted normally, then twisted upward to rest comfortably in the curve of your ear, and the resulting style is both edgy and understated. They create the amazing illusion that your ear is double-pierced, and come in simple but classic geometric designs.

Each piece is designed and hand-crafted by Otis Jaxon, a small jewelry company based in the Chelsea district of London, England. The high quality of the jewelry is obvious, and you can pick it up on Etsy for less than $30 a pair.

More info: Etsy (h/t)