Mom Gets A C-Section. When She Sees Baby’s Head, She Pulls Him Out Herself

February 8, 2017

When Sarah Toyer was having her fourth child, she knew there was one thing she wanted. She wanted to have a maternal-assisted Cesarean section. These special kinds of births have become increasingly popular in Australia, where Sarah is from.

“The maternal assisted births are in such demand that maternity advocates are calling for the ‘exciting’ self-delivery method to be introduced at all hospitals. Currently, there are no known cases of the practice in the state’s public hospitals and patients are seeking out private facilities,” according to Courier Mail.

Not only did Sarah have the maternal assisted C-section, but she also took photos to document the incredible moment. She posted photos on the Facebook page “Birth Without Fear,” to share the momentous occasion. Moreover, she wanted to let mothers know they should always trust their gut when it comes to delivering their precious babies.

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“This was the moment I welcomed our fourth baby into the world. Yes I delivered my son during my fourth [C]esarean.”

“When I discovered I was pregnant I was determined to have a maternal assisted [C]-section! I talked to every midwife, doctor, and surgeon about what I wanted to do, but they all said it would depend on the surgeon on call that day.”

“So, when the day came along we waited 8 hours at the hospital, then I was standing there next to the surgeon scrubbing up just as she was.

Maybe half an hour later I was lying on the operating table watching my son’s head being pulled from my womb. I reached down and put my hands under his arms and lifted the rest of him out of my own body.”

“A maternal assisted [C]esarean section refers to the mother playing a pivotal role in the delivery of her own child.

The mother is the first person to place their hands on the baby, then the newborn is immediately placed on the chest for skin-to-skin bonding.

Instead of the process being hidden behind the curtain, [M]om is a part of it every step of the way.”

“It was the most incredible thing I have ever done. I highly recommend you stick to your guns about what birth you want! Welcome earth side baby Spencer.”

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