Mom Notices Baby Passed Out In Toy Car, Then Snaps Photo To Warn Against Drinking And Driving

February 7, 2017

When mom Teleasha “Tellie” Cameron caught her son, Xavier, in a funny position in his toy car, she knew she could use the situation to her advantage and warn people about a very important issue: drinking and driving.

In a series of photos she snapped, the baby is passed out, leaning against the door of the toy car. His other toys are spilled and overturned around him, including his walker and a Bob the Builder toy.

The mom came up with a brilliant idea: Her baby drank too much (milk, of course), and got into an accident on the road, killing the toy. Although the concept seems a bit grim, her way of spreading the word about the dangers of drinking and driving appears to have struck a chord with total strangers.

No one was hurt in this staged car crash, but it surely made people think twice about drinking and driving! The mom even came up with a scenario and wrote a post about what could have happened.

“A little tikes [sic] car and a walker have collided at 1pm 14/12/2016…”

“The driver of the walker has been identified as ‘bob the builder’ investigations have concluded that he had attempted to avoid the sheep on the road but unfortunately was hit by the little tikes car.”

“The driver of the little tikes car is believed to be identified as 10month old Xavier who had been drinking while driving.”

“Reports state he was highly milk drunk roughly 4 times the legal limit which caused the vehicle to swerve into the path of the walker…”

“As you can see by the pictures provided the walker has flipped on its side loosing his load and the evidence of drinking is pouring out of the tikes car…”

“Unfortunately bob the builder was pronounced dead at the scene and the driver of the little tikes car has been flown to hospital in critical but stable condition expected to make a full recovery…”

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