Mom Rents A Movie To Relax, But When She Opens DVD Case, She Finds A Stranger’s Note About Money

February 9, 2017

After an exhausting week of work, household duties, and family activities, most of us are ready to relax when the weekend rolls around.

That’s normally when we reach for a great movie, a bowl of popcorn, and maybe even a glass of wine.

While many people have stopped renting movies and prefer to just watch television shows and films on digital streaming services, these options often don’t have the newest releases. Although you can rent movies online through platforms like Amazon and iTunes, many people don’t have televisions that support these sites.

That is why services like Redbox still exist, as they’re a fast way to get a movie while running errands. Redbox machines are usually located in convenient places, and they always offer the newest movies.

Redbox machine

One mom recently decided to stop by a Redbox to pick up a movie on her way home.

Redbox case

When she got home and opened the DVD case, she noticed that there was something besides the movie inside it.

Redbox case with note and money

It was a note, along with $100 in cash. She was shocked — she never expected to find something like this in a random DVD case.

note in Redbox case

The note said: “Hello! My name is Marcos. Every month I take $100.00 that I’d normally spend on myself and give it away to a stranger. This month I decided to change it up and put it in a Redbox DVD. You are the first giveaway of 2017! I just ask that you put the money to good use. If you don’t need it, give it away. If you need it, keep it. Have a great day! —Marcos.”

twitter response to redbox

After reading this note, I’m thinking about taking a page out of Marcos’ book. Giving money to strangers is an amazing way to show your generosity.

redbox DVD case

If we were all a little more like Marcos, the world would be a better place. Please SHARE this story with people you think would appreciate it!