Mom Sees Suspicious Scene In Her Kitchen, Then Gasps When She Realizes Her Son Lied To Her

February 11, 2017

There’s nothing more heartwarming than a good reunion — or in this case, a surprise homecoming.

This mom was going to wash the dishes in her kitchen when she received the best interruption she could’ve ever asked for. While she was getting ready to scrub, she sensed something behind her. Then she looked over her should to see three of her family members staring at her, one of them filming with a camera.

Once she turned around, she completely lost it.

She screamed at the top of her lungs as her family laughed at her. But what was she so frantic about?

Well, her son, whom she hadn’t seen for two years since he went to live in Canada, was standing right in front of her. It was clear that Dad and the camerawoman were in on the surprise and helped her son plan it without her knowledge.

The puzzled mom asked, “How did he get here?!”

Soon, her husband moved away, giving her room to reunite with her son. However, the mother was still in shock and stood still until she was prompted to go over to him. Instantly, she stopped thinking about the surprise altogether and threw her eyeglasses onto the counter, racing toward her son.

To see the mother–son reunion and their heartwarming embrace after a two-year separation, check out the video below!

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