Mom Snaps A Photo Of Daughter, Then Sees Mysterious Boy Behind Her

February 8, 2017

Mary Ryan always believed in the supernatural, although her husband Andrew was never quite convinced,  until she showed him a photo she snapped while visiting the Tower of London in the United Kingdom.

The mother of two was visiting with her daughters when a snapshot of her 16-year-old daughter’s reflection revealed what she believes to be the ghost of a little boy.

Mary insists that the there was no one else in the room; the room was so small she would have noticed. Many believe the boy in the reflection is the spirit of a little boy murdered almost 600 years ago.

“All of us were quite freaked out by it as we couldn’t explain it,” Mary told Daily Mail. “Everyone I have shown the photo to is fascinated by it.”

It is believed the basement of the tower was used for torture, thus causing there to be many restless spirits roaming the property.

See the unthinkable photo below.

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Mary Ryan and her family were visiting the historical Tower of London. During her tour of the landmark, the mother believes she had a paranormal experience.

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Mary believes that the image of a ghost appeared in a photo taken of her reflection.

“We’ve not seen anything like this before. I love things to do with the paranormal. I’m scared to death of it but I love reading about it,” she told Daily Mail.

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Mary was with her daughters Kayleigh and Chloe. She became captivated by an old bedazzled gun in a glass case.

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When Mary snapped the photo of her daughter’s reflection in the case, she noticed the boy standing behind Kayleigh.

“You can see Kayleigh’s reflection in the glass on the picture and Andrew’s hand on the right hand side. But the skin on the boy’s face is completely different than the others, which is what made me look at it properly,” she said. “It’s horrible. I was really freaked out by it. Kayleigh was really scared by it too. She was worried it could have been following her – she was only 16 at the time.”

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Mary believes that the boy is the ghost of 12-year-old Edward V who was believed to be killed by his uncle Richard III in 1483.

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Historian Sir Thomas Moore, believes Edward V and his cousin were smothered by their uncle and buried on the property of the Tower of London.

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“There was only another glass cabinet behind us and the corridor was about two metres wide at most. It was just enough to fit someone else past but there was no one else there,” Mary said. “We were at the end of the group so no one was behind us or near us. In fact, there were no young boys even in the group. The boy’s clothing even looks old, very old. Even his hair and everything [look old].”

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