Mom’s Dog Has Been Missing For Weeks, Then She Finds Her Alive At The Bottom Of A 35-Foot Well

February 7, 2017

When Carolyn Smith’s son was watching her dogs Zoe and Sugar Bear, a plumber came to the house and ended up leaving the door open.

The family dogs escaped, and everyone was heartbroken and terrified that they would never see them again.

Weeks went by and flyers were posted, but there was no sign of Carolyn’s babies. Then one day, she heard barks from the woods as she went out for a walk. Thinking she recognized the sound, she jumped a fence and ran into the woods, and what she found left her in tears: Her precious Sugar Bear was alive at the bottom of a 35-foot well.

Thought she was so ecstatic she’d found her, Carolyn needed someone to help get the pup out! She called her husband, who also became emotional on the phone, and then firefighters came to the rescue.

Everyone was stunned at how Sugar Bear was even alive after falling so far and lying there alone without food or water for weeks.

Although she came out of the well with the loss of a third of her body weight, she is now back home and being nursed back to health.

Plus, her sister Zoe was found nearby just minutes later. They stayed together and survived. This is truly a miracle!

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