Nearly Untouched 1954 House Is Like A Technicolor Time Capsule

February 4, 2017

Ever wish you could just step back in time? Well, now you can! Only you also get the benefits of the modern world and you don’t have to worry about irreparably changing the course of events!

How? Thanks to a perfectly decorated home, of course!

There’s a house on on Pinocchio Drive (really), in Dallas, Texas, whose immaculate, Technicolor interior is like a perfectly preserved slice of 1950s history, complete with midcentury modern furniture in all kinds of geometric shapes, UFO-inspired lamps, and pastel appliances.

Each era had its own charms and quirks, whether it’s the 1890s Victorian Gothic or the swanky 1970s, but each one is iconic in its own way. They might not all be to your taste, but even so, seeing everything together in one house is pretty awesome.

And the Pinocchio Drive house, which has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, is on the market.

That means that, if you’re willing to part with $665,000 and move to Dallas, this piece of the 20th century could be yours, but there’s no word if the pink Cadillac in the driveway, and there really is one, comes with the deal.

Check out this charming, quirky, and all-around adorable house below, and let us know if you would live in this house!

[H/T: My Modern Met]

The Smith House in Dallas, Texas, hasn’t changed much since it was built by architect Gordon Nichols, and featured in 1954′s Parade of Homes, which highlighted its super-modern (for the time) features.

It’s located in Dallas’ “Disney streets” area, hence being on Pinocchio Drive.

There’s even a vintage pink Cadillac in the driveway.

Of course, we’re not sure if it comes with the house, but here’s hoping!

Even just at the front door you can tell this house is going to be memorable.

The house is designed in a typical low, lean, and spare style of the 1950s, but the bold turquoise and orange color scheme means that there’s still plenty of personality here.

The living room features a brick fireplace, and the rooms are open to allow air, light, and people to easily flow from one area to the other.

The whole feeling is airy and modern, and the bright furniture and accessories give it pops of color.

And color is a huge part of this house. Each room has its own color scheme. The living room is red…


…and the dining room is done in warm citrus tones. And check out those chairs!

Above the table is a midcentury classic Nelson Bubble Lamp, and a cool black and white wall clock doubles as a stylish art piece.

In the kitchen, you’ll find a great counter with a padded wall underneath, and the shelving to the left is the perfect place to store all your cocktail making needs.

And speaking of the kitchen, no 1950s home would be complete without some pastel appliances, complete with matching pots and containers.

The cabinets are original, too.

There’s also a secondary living space, this one with a cooler blue theme.

In this room, there are some more strikingly shaped chairs that reflect the futuristic, space-age style of the 1950s.

There’s even a little office area. The otherwise neutral grays and blacks get shaken up with a bright green wall and a yellow desk set.

Diner-style stools make an interesting addition, too.

The master bedroom, though, has a soothing white and gray palette, but thanks to the round bed, statement headboard, and striking circular window, it still retains that sleek, midcentury modern look.

And don’t worry, they didn’t forget the bathroom. One of three baths, this one is a refreshing teal color.

Outside, there’s a back deck with plenty of room for eating, entertaining, and lounging. It’s the perfect place for a summer party.

This backyard area is a perfect getaway from the troubles of the world. Imagine spending an afternoon here with your favorite book.

And if you feel warm, just take a dip in the pool!

You can check out more of this amazing, colorful house on its listing site.

Would you live in a retro home like this — or do you prefer something from a different era?

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