Neighbors Call Him A Monster For Abusing Senior Dog. When Cops Can’t Help, Dad Jumps The Fence

February 2, 2017

Dogs are meant to be loved and respected. So whenever we hear about people who happily abuse these beautiful creatures, the majority of us all get understandably enraged at the pure evil out there in the world.

Thankfully, for every horrible person, there are countless more who will do whatever it takes to save these wonderful animals. So when a local dad heard his neighbor’s dog screaming for help, he knew he had to call 911.

The senior dog was kept outside on a small chain. With his mouth muzzled up with duct tape, it became obvious that these horrible dog owners didn’t deserve to own this poor guy. With only the cold concrete as a bed, this dog needed to be taken away by the authorities.

The cops couldn’t do much other than tell the owners to take better care of the animal, but when neighbors realized nothing was changing to help this poor senior dog, one dad realized he was going to have to take justice into his own hands!

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Every single day the neighbors looked out of their windows and saw this poor senior dog sitting all by himself.

With no toys to stimulate his mind, very little food or water, and no shelter, the senior dog had to spend his days and nights on the cold concrete. Chained up and muzzled with duct tape, this was a truly miserable existence.

The neighbors called the authorities, but at the end of the day the dog wasn’t being neglected enough for it to be considered animal abuse. Even with the photo evidence of the duct-tape muzzle, the cops just didn’t have the legal authority to arrest the monster of a human and take the poor dog to a better home.

So when the cops couldn’t help, it took the bravery of one dad to search for his own justice.

This amazing father jumped the fence and trespassed into his neighbors’ backyard to “steal” the dog, named Alfie.

While we don’t suggest any of you do something so risky (the neighbors technically had the right to defend their property and could have shot this brave man), you have to admit he’s pretty amazing.

It seems like no one decided to press charges on this amazing dad, perhaps because his countersuit would have easily swayed any judge or jury member who would have done the same thing!

This amazing man gave Alfie the time of his life, letting him chew on soft socks for the very first time! The man who saved Alfie wasn’t able to keep a dog due to his job, but he managed to find a special rehabilitation center for senior dogs.

Senior dogs are very rarely adopted, but thanks to these special senior dog homes, Alfie was given the chance to either spend the rest of his days in a loving facility or find a family who would offer him a loving forever home!

And eventually a forever home came for him indeed! Along with some other senior dog friends, it’s looking like Alfie is finally getting the life he deserves! Now this senior dog is finally getting the chance to truly live his life the way he was meant to!

No hard concrete, no nights out in the cold, just love, grass, friends, and a whole lot of food!

Please check out the video below of a similar story about a dog chained up for years who is finally saved and given a forever home!

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